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35mm Slide Scanning Service UK | Newbury | Reading | Hungerford | Berks

35mm Slide Scanning Service UK | Newbury | Reading | Hungerford | Berks

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Low cost 35mm Slide Scanning Service UK

We provide an affordable Slide Scanning service for your 35mm slides, 110mm, 126mm and 127mm Slides. No matter what size your slide we can scan it. We use High Resolution Scanners equivalent to beyond 4K resolution. (4000DPI+)

Our service costs just 30p per slide. If you have lots of slides or slides of different sizes we provide a mulit-slide discount. Contact us if this is the case.

Once scanned, we check and correct minor imperfections, dust etc and make any tonal adjustments. We then save your scanned slide as a JPEG image file. These files are very flexible and allow you to view your images on a PC, Mac or 4K/8K/Full HD Televisions.


Choose your Slide Size (35mm, 110mm etc)

By the Add to Cart button you will see a Quantity box. In that box enter the quantity of slides you want us to scan.

You can choose to have your scanned images transferred to you via 'We Transfer' or we can put your images on a USB stick or a Sandisk SD Card. You choose.

Once you have purchased, we will provide you with a secure address to send the slides to. If you are local, you can drop them off personally.

The postage cost on this service covers our cost to send the Slides back to you.

You can place your order on this web page. Or you can place your order over the phone, via our Live Chat Feature, or we can E-mail you a bespoke Invoice.

If you have any questions about this service, please Contact Us or use the Live Chat.